Wine making

We know our vineyards and we listen to their needs. In fact, we remain attentive to the techniques and the time that each of them requires all along the process. We put in place meticulous techniques in a tidy and clean way and independently for every variety we grow. We thus arrive to obtain the best qualities of the vine in our wines.

Our winery Torres de Sabor controls the entire wine making process, from vineyards to sales & marketing. Day after day, our excellent technical team strives to translate the best of our land and satisfy the palate of wine lovers.

The quality of the wines we produce comes from its maturation in our large steel tanks and reinforced concrete. As for the "Crianza" and according to the control measures of Navarra DOC, the permanence of wines in oak barrels for 12 months gives it a multitude of woody and nuanced aromas, brings definition to its texture, and conditions its flavour. The development of our wine is done according to the quality criteria of D.O.C Navarra. They concern:

Wine practices

Geographical area defined

Follow-up of the wine making

Control and Restrictions of the Regulatory Board

The types of wine

Variety of the vine

Visual, olfactory and taste characteristics

High acidity

and a certain mineral character

The production area of D.O.C Navarra wines consists of land owned by municipalities considered suitable for growing grapes. Our wines come only from bunches that have been produced in this area and that of La Rioja. Thus, we preserve the millennial tradition of wine culture.

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