The idea of founding Torres de Sabor was born downstream of the Ebro, along its banks. Its colorful valleys and wet perfumes have always moved us. By following its course, we could not stop staring at the serene movement of the current that invited us to sit down and contemplate the wonders of nature.



Torres de sabor was born on wine lands. When one approaches the Ebro and one looks through the magnificent shores that separate Navarra from La Rioja, there is no more doubt. It's the end of the journey. One that transports us through the multiple colours and scents of vineyards that sprinkle the hills.


Wine making

We know our vineyards and we listen to their needs. In fact, we remain attentive to the techniques and the time that each of them requires all along the process. We put in place meticulous techniques in a tidy and clean way and independently for every variety we grow. We thus arrive to obtain the best qualities of the vine in our wines.

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