Torres de saborwas born on wine lands. When one approaches the Ebro and one looks through the magnificent shores that separate Navarra from La Rioja, there is no more doubt. It's the end of the journey. One that transports us through the multiple colours and scents of vineyards that sprinkle the hills.

The poetry of this dream is found in the eyes of those who were born, grew up and started cultivating this land. Torres de Sabor is the fruit of those lovers of the vine leaf and its color that varies with the seasons. It is the work of their expert hands and the common passion that drives them.

Torre Morena Vineyard – Navarra

The north of Navarra is characterized by a rather marked relief which softens as one approaches the south, where it coexists with olive trees and cereals. This is where Torre Morena is born, in deep soils with a very clayey texture, in the colorful Ebro terroirs. At the bottom of the alluvial valleys, the vine sits in well-drained plains and frank textures.

To acquire the required ripening grade and so that each vine does not impinge on the other over time, we have spread our vineyards over land owned by different municipalities. The harvest period is more extensive and we can exploit the qualities and the differences that each soil offers, under a climate located between the sub-humid zone in the north, and the upper dry one in the south.

Vineyards Torre de Alcalá / Marqués de Alcalá - La Rioja

Soils of varied clay types, a higher altitude and a low rainfall index define the vineyards of our production. The vineyards of Torre de Alcalá and Marqués de Alcalá stretch from the banks of the Ebro to the high slopes of Mount Yerga. The vineyards have the best soil wealth of La Rioja, and a high quality of the vine, characterized mainly by its intense red color.

The Ebro Valley, in the most southern area of La Rioja, is located between 300 and 600 metres above sea level. The temperatures are therefore mild, except for the months of December to March, where the winds are typical of the cold winter season.

This diversity in each area is the trademark of Torres de Sabor, and it gives the wine a constant and perfectly recognizable identity.

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